Setup the JS Tracker

Set up the main script

Go to your Marketing Automation Settings

You have to copy / paste the code snippet in your header, just before the tag </head>. This snippet will load code required for recording data.

Get your Javascript Tracker Code from Automation > Settings > Tracking Code

Get your Javascript Tracker Code from Automation > Settings > Tracking Code

Our code is compatible with Google Tag Manager

All you have to do is copy / paste the snippet in a GTM Tag.

Identify your users

If your user clicked in one of your emails, he will be identified automatically for you. If not you'll have to identify him by passing his email address to at least one call to the tracker.

Identify contacts as often as possible

Because cookies can be deleted we recommend you to identify your users as often as possible (e.g.: for every login).

Using the identify function

Call the identify() function at any place in your page where you know the email address.

sendinblue.identify ('')

Passing the email address at page load time

If you happen to now the email address most of the time on each page load you can also pass the email address along with the page load event to avoid a useless call to identify(). To do so just uncomment the proper line in the snippet and make sure to set the value to the email address.

  	// window.sib.email_id='{{User email}}'; line to uncomment

Setup the JS Tracker

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