The Marketing Automation Tracker is meant for tracking all the events related to your users occurring outside of SendinBlue (such as pages views on your website ; orders in your backoffice etc.).
The tracking of the events on SendinBlue (such as email openings and clicks ; contact addition to a list etc.) have been automatically enabled for you when you subscribed for Marketing Automation.


All you need is:

Javascript vs. RESTful Tracker implementation

We provide two ways for tracking your events. Depending on the context you may use one or the other, or both together.

Javascript Tracker

This is the most straight forward implementation if you need to track all the events happening on your website. All you have to do is to setup a short JS snippet on your website and we will start tracking your user along with the page views for you.
If you're using one of our plugins (Wordpress, Prestashop) or Google Tag Manager it's even easier and you don't required any development to get the tracking working.

We recommend the Javascript implementation

If you don't know which tracker to use or if you can do a browser side implementation, we recommend you to go for the Javascript Tracker which will do most of the work for you:

  • It will automatically track your users based on cookies ;
  • It will automatically identify the users who have clicked in your emails ;
  • It will automatically track every page views.

RESTful Tracker

The RESTful Tracker is useful if you want to track events on server side or in a client that is not a browser (e.g.: a Mobile App). In that case you'll have to identify every users in every call while passing their email addresses.

Combine the JS and the RESTful Trackers

The RESTful Tracker can be used in combination together with the Javascript Tracker. You just have to keep the email address of the user consistent across the trackers.
For example you can use the JS Tracker to identify and track users behaviour on your website and the RESTful Tracker to track the orders on server side.


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